Gus as arbitrator

Gus has over 16 years’ experience as an adjudicator and arbitrator. He brings to the process decades of litigation experience, strong listening and writing skills, a deep understanding of the law and legal principles, and an ability to apply those principles to the facts in a fair and impartial fashion. He renders clear, comprehensive and confidential decisions in a matter of weeks. Over his many years of practice as an arbitrator, Gus has decided a vast range of disputes, including those involving issues such as 

  • Labour grievances at the provincial and federal level, involving terminations and the interpretation and application of collective agreements
  • Interest arbitrations between public service unions and municipalities
  • Valuations of a partner’s interest
  • Disputed breaches in partnership agreements
  • Disputed breaches of employment contracts
  • Valuations of shares in a privately-held company
  • Disputes between insurers over primary and secondary coverage for a property loss
  • Disputes between insurers over liability for an accident
  • Disputes between an insured and an insurer over the quantification of and coverage for a property loss
  • Disputes between a municipality and a contractor over the interpretation and application of a tendered contract

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