Virtual Hearings By Zoom

Gus offers his services as a mediator or arbitrator by way of Zoom videoconferencing.

Why consider Zoom?

Cost-Effective and Time Flexible

Parties and witnesses who live in different provinces, countries or even continents attend without the expense in time, travel and accommodation that accompanies “live” in-person hearings.

An Alternative To The “In-Person” Meetings That Social Distancing Has Prohibited

The social distancing imposed by COVID-19 has made in-person hearings impossible. People, businesses and companies cannot afford to wait for the all-clear. They need to have their disputes resolved in a timely way. Zoom provides an answer for that need.


A Zoom mediation or confidential is private and confidential. Only the parties know that it is happening. Only the parties know what is said during the hearing. Only the parties know the result.

Already Being Used Worldwide For Mediation, Arbitration and Court

Zoom has been used in the US by mediators for some years now. Its use is particularly effective in matters where the level of adversity between the parties is such that they cannot be in the same room as each other: see example on

In the United Kingdom a $530 Million trial was conducted on Zoom and was deemed a success by the court and the parties: see example

And this is what a judge in Ontario said about using video conferencing to “hear” two witnesses who were in different countries

“The entire experience was, from the perspective of this trial judge, entirely satisfactory. The fears expressed by the plaintiff in opposing the CBC’s motion were, in my view, entirely unfounded:” Chandra v. CBC 2015 ONSC 5385


Concerns about the security of Zoom are overblown. They are based on consumers who have not used Zoom’s security settings. Gus, acting as the “host,” controls who can attend a Zoom hearing; what they can do; and what they can see or share. A Zoom hearing or mediation will be secure, private and confidential.

Set-Up Provided

Gus provides pre-hearing consultation with parties to ensure that everyone has the technical knowledge and ability to participate using Zoom There is no charge for this service. There is no cancellation fee if the parties find that they are not able to participate in Zoom.